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    We can improve the way you look by using modern cosmetic treatments to maximise your smile.  
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  • Routine Appointments

    We are open from 8:00am on weekdays and provide lunchtime appointments for all routine dental treatments. Emergency appointments are available every day provided you ring the practice before 10.30am. Call: 01633 430155
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      8.00am - 4.00pm
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Isca Dental

Regular examinations mean problems can be spotted and corrected early before treatment becomes complicated. A thorough examination helps you and the dentist look after your mouth and prevent future problems.t is imperative that everyone visits the dentist to keep on top of their oral health, even if you have never had any problems, only a dentist can recognise certain problems with your teeth and treat them before they become worse. For example, unbeknown to you, you may have some plaque. Plaque can cause cavities. A cavity is a hole that gets bigger and deeper over time, and if deep enough can damage a nerve and can lead to sensitivity and pain. It’s also possible that you may develop an abscess which may require a root filling, or even worse extraction of the tooth.

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